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Manon Bernier is a Montreal-based visual artist who lives in the Laurentians region of Quebec.

Historically gifted and attracted to the arts, Manon was not able to pursue the career of her dreams immediately.  But she always kept up her interest in the world of art.   She continually painted and attended numerous workshops with recognized artists

In 1994, she trained as a 2D-3D computer designer and facilitator and eventually joined a prominent television production company in Montreal: Groupe Image Buzz.  Following that she was able to establish her own business in the field.

In 2001, she began her BA at Concordia University in Studio Arts, while continuing to work full-time. She eventually completed her BA and graduated with distinction in 2011.

Since 2013, she has devoted her energies full time to her passion - the visual arts. 

Artist Statement

I evolved quite naturally as an artist by exploring different periods of art, from Paul Cézanne to Joan Mitchell and Cy Twombly. Their influences can be recognized in my work.

While focusing on abstraction, I am very much inspired by the elements of nature and like to create a universe where emotions and the organic world are linked.

I enjoy working on large surfaces, freeing up gestures, intuition and escaping attachments to conformity, to the likeness. On a colored background that gives off a certain quality of light, I use free, wide movements to create intuitive and spontaneous strokes. I use transparencies as well as vibrant contrasts. I like to mix drawing and painting. Light and motion are the two axes of my work. I create mainly in my workshop but, living in the Laurentian forest, the light and colors of my immediate environment influence my art.

My work is a quest for authenticity, for truth. I keep as much as possible the presence of the hand, and its expressiveness and imperfections.  My desire is to resist the robotization of the contemporary world.

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